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Knee pain

Knee PainKnee injuries are common for people in all shapes, sizes and ages. The knee is a major load bearing joint in the body hence is subject to many stresses and strains throughout the day. Based on this it is possible that the knee may be painful with all different varieties of activities of daily living, and not just through physical trauma or overuse.

Traumatic knee: The knee is composed of various structures including ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons to name just a few. Each of these structures can be damaged by either a collision or a fall or a sharp change in direction hence stressing these structures and causing damage to them.

Overuse knee: Knee pain often doesn’t have a specific cause and anterior knee pain and tendinopathy commonly be found in our adolescent athletes and population. They both involve an inflammatory component and recovery often needs rehab based exercise.

A wealth of research has been undertaken specifically in the physiotherapy field and it is widely accepted that physiotherapy management of tendinopathy and anterior knee pain is the best way of overcoming such an injury. Managing these injuries can be quite complex and any of our experienced physiotherapists at Greensborough Physiotherapy Clinic will be able to help you along the way to resuming your normal exercise regime or chosen sport.

Arthritic knee / degenerative knee – Osteoarthritis of the knee is very common in both males and females and occurs when the joint spaces which are lined with cartilage tend to wear away. Research has shown that different modes of exercise can help prevent the onset of osteoarthritis, and hence reduce the need for joint replacement surgery. In addition to this, various physical modalities may also assist in the management of pain should someone be suffering from an exacerbation of osteoarthritis in the knee.

If you are suffering knee pain/injury, call our friendly reception staff at Greensborough Physiotherapy Clinic and make an appointment as any of our trained physiotherapists will be able to effectively manage the injury and provide a structured rehabilitation plan to ensure a quick and speedy return to your sport and/or normal activities of daily living.

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