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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and dysfunction are significant health issues both in athletic and non-athletic populations. Common mechanisms of shoulder injury include sporting collisions, a fall onto an outstretched hand, repetitive activity, overuse injury and/or poor body biomechanics.

Two images showing the muscular, neural and ligamentous systems surrounding the shoulder joint and shoulder blade.

(a) Front view and (b) back view of the shoulder joint and shoulder blade.

The shoulder joint can be described as the equivalent of a golf ball (head of the shoulder) on a tee (glenoid labrum/fibrocartilaginous structure). As illustrated by the images above, numerous healthy muscles, ligaments and nerves are required for the shoulder to function effectively and efficiently.

Common shoulder pathologies include the rotator cuff dysfunction, shoulder joint suboptimal stability, labral-related pathology, biceps related pathology and capsular pathology.

Shoulder injuries can often be complex and challenging. If you have a history of nagging shoulder pain, please come forward and get it assessed by a physiotherapist here at Greensborough Physiotherapy Clinic.

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